mike brook : editor/director

Recent long form work.

New feature documentary 'Something Quite Peculiar' Premiered at MIFF 2017.     

Also played at CinefestOZ, CLIFF and Australian Music Week.

Reviews and more info at        www.somethingquitepeculiar.com

Editor, Ice Drive. The story of the attempt to run a Formula E car on an iceberg!


Editor, NOMA, My Perfect Storm. Feature documentary directed by Pierre Deschamps.


Editor, BT Supporters Club documentary series.

Supporters Club

Editor, XV, Beyond The Tryline. Set around the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Feature documentary directed by Pierre Deschamps for Universal Pictures.


Director, Don't Throw Stones. Feature documentary.


Editor, CNN Living Golf.


Editor, Sporting Triumphs. Sky Sports series. Episodes directed by Rob Sloman.

Other work examples : https://vimeo.com/emptybrook